Webinar: LinkedIn for Sales Professionals

Session 1: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Personal Page

November 30 @ 12:00-1:00pm EST

This is part one (1) of a six (6) part series. While we recommend attending all sessions, each session will independently provide valuable information to be used by sales reps and managers alike. Register now to receive a calendar invite with the link to the Webinar.

The Training Agenda

Session 1: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Personal Page

Session 2: Developing Personal and Company Brand Awareness / Credibility Through Posts and Articles

Session 3: Learning to Use Sales Navigator

Session 4: Developing Conversations with LinkedIn Contacts

Session 5: Turning Conversations into Sales Calls

Session 6: Putting It All Together

Program Benefits:

  • The anticipated ROI should be significant in sales and profits
  • LinkedIn provides another effective method to communicate w/clients and prospects
  • Creates flexibility / Improves productivity
  • LinkedIn can be used any time of day potentially freeing prime sales time
  • Can communicate with individuals one-to-one
  • Can communicate with groupe (i.e. drip campaigns) - Great for building brand awareness - Can develop credibility through posts / articles - Recognized subject matter expert - And more