Member Resources

In addition to the SPGroup resources listed below, the Member Resource Center provides on-line access to proprietary and industry-leading best practices. These resources include professional development program materials, marketing materials, sales presentation templates, operational processes, webinars, on-line training libraries, videos and much more.

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Professional Development Programs

The Professional Development Programs developed by SPGroup are designed to advance the knowledge and education of students in both the fundamentals and advanced concepts within the HVAC service industry.

From owner and operators, to sales representatives and service managers, SPGroup members work in peer-to-peer forums and training classes to continue to improve their individual and collective capabilities. Our best-in-class approach challenges employees at all levels to be excited about investigating the issues facing today industry.

The professional development programs include everything from basic leadership, sales, operational, and customer service concepts to industry best practices and advanced strategies for strategic selling programs. The Resource Center provide the training materials, document libraries and video libraries used to conduct the course training. With access to these resources, member organization are able to customize in-house training classes as well as attend the SPGroup sponsored training events.

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Shared Best Practices

SPGroup develops and updates a series of [proprietary] Best Practices for the use of its membership organization. These Best Practices source accredited management standards, industry guidelines and regulatory requirements to create customizable templates to improve the day-to-day delivery and performance of their businesses.

Best Practices evolve and become better over time as improvements are discovered. SPGroup actively solicits membership’s input to continuously update information through peer group forums, annual meetings and periodic reviews. The primary objective of SPGroup's Shared Best Practices is to provide members easy access to reliable information that improves the performance of their business, as well as reduce their operational and financial risks.


Sales & Marketing Tools

SPGroup Business Development resources are designed to more effectively build and grow the recurring revenue business for its member organizations. The integration of sales and marketing materials with strategic initiatives are used to create loyal long-term customer relationships that provide membership a predictable, stable, and scalable business platform.

Business Development is a widely used term with various definition in today’s marketplace. SPGroup focuses the Business Development resources on creating a platform of sales and marketing process to support the member organizations strategic initiatives. From enhanced technical capabilities to geographical expansion, these proven strategies and support processes are captured, refined, shared, and implemented.


Training Support Resources

SPGroup provides the support resources that enable member organizations to conduct in-house training classes at their home office locations. These resources are intended to support and supplement the classroom training that individual’s receive through SPGroup.

Many of the courses SPGroup conducts require participant to complete both prerequisite and post-school studies. These self-paced exercises are completed with the coaching and support of their immediate supervisor. Students are frequently required to complete examinations that measure their comprehension of the materials covered.


Principal's Meetings

The SPGroup annual Principal's Meeting focuses on achieving the results that will take member organizations to the next level. These meeting are attended by an elite group of executives who come together in peer-to-peer discussions on how to more effectively grow and improve their organizations performance.

While Best Practices are important and useful, they’re not sufficient. With an industry that is changing faster than ever before, the best possible solutions of today will soon be out of date. Principal's Meetings challenge and question if what we do remains relevant and appropriate. Principals discuss and identify the opportunities that enable them to shape and secure a more successful future.

This two day event which includes spouses combines business meetings with social events to facilitate greater group interaction. The agenda topics vary from year-to-year based on the current industry and economic conditions. Past discussions have included: leadership development – the next generation, acquisition and organic growth strategies, transitional leadership changes, comparative financial and operational analytics, future initiatives and training, and more…


Leadership Forums

Leadership Forums provide both proven and emerging leaders with the opportunity to evaluate and learn from best practices. This group collectively work together to identify the initiatives and enhancements necessary to meet the future challenges of their organizations.

These Forums help leaders fulfill their potential through interactive and effective collaboration in areas like: team building, strategic planning, decision making and more. All forums examine and evaluate the processes proven to work in a “real world” environment. Forums are designed to improve the self-awareness of leaders and encourage the practices of empowering their teams to improve performance.

Leadership forums are multi-disciplined groups of 10-15 members. The agenda topics typically include: leadership fundamentals, leadership development, business growth strategies, change management, financial reporting and benchmarks, recruitment and hiring practices, professional development programs, labor productivity matrix, conflict resolution, and compensation issues.

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Peer Group Forums

Peer Group Forums provide associates the ability to meet and discuss their challenges and opportunities in a confidential setting. Peer Groups provide feedback and advice, while providing an opportunity to acquire new critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Nothing beats the opportunity to interact, socialize, and share ideas with others who have similar responsibilities, opportunities and challenges. Participants share, learn and grow in a safe setting. They discuss issues that may be “difficult” in their own firms while seeking advice to help solve problems. They also give advice and support while others discover solutions to their issues.

Peer Groups are confidential groups of 10-15 members. Meeting discussions include matters of business and personal interest. Participants set the dates and the agenda and help lead the discussions. Typical topics include: sales strategies and processes, prospecting and vertical market development, trends in energy services, operational best practices, labor productivity matrices, more effective communication practices, advancements in technology, customer service delivery and conflict resolution, and more…

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Recognition and Rewards Programs

The most effective way to minimize employee turnover and retain the industry’s top talent is to develop a culture of appreciation. SPGroup provides the recognition and awards platform on a global stage that is unequalled by others.

Member organizations are able to differentiate their employer brand with the ability to recognize their top performers during the Awards Banquet at the LEADSeminar. Recognition in front of the industry’s best talent and most influential leaders provides an additional element of gratification. On occasion, owners also award life-time achievement rewards for retiring employees.

Additionally, SPGroup sponsors an annual sales contest for the sales professionals. Monthly scoreboards are published for sales representatives to track themselves against their peer group – many of whom they have trained and collaborated with. The winners of the annual contests are recognized during the LEADSeminar.

Annual LEADSeminar
Leadership Education and Development Seminar

The annual LEADSeminar is one of the most popular and beneficial educational experiences in the industry.

This two day event is highlighted by subject matter experts, industry leaders and C-Level speakers. Drawing on the expertise and experience of these leaders, our annual conferences seek to identify and develop the personal and organizational capabilities that are needed to build and grow successful businesses.

How individuals and organizations prepare for expansion while coping with faster rates of change is one of the greatest challenges facing business leaders today. Those with leadership responsibilities have a special obligation to think and act strategically. This seminar brings together individuals from each company who share similar positions to learn the best practices and innovated changes occurring today.

Each year courses are developed based on the most crucial needs identified by the member organizations. These classes provide a unique educational opportunity for individuals to learn and network with their associated peer groups from around the globe. Typical tracks include:

  • Leadership Training

  • Industry Trends

  • Proactive Service Sales

  • Proactive Project Sales

  • Financial Selling

  • Team Selling

  • Operations Management

  • Customer Service

  • Business Communications

  • Peer Group Roundtable

2016 LEADSeminar Recap in Clearwater, Florida

Highlighting the conclusion of each LEADSeminar, is the Annual Recognition and Awards Banquet. This event recognizes the outstanding contribution and efforts of individuals from each member organization.