2020 Quarantine Webinar Series

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1:00PM


Monday, 03/23

Navigating in Times of Change and Uncertainty
Facilitated by Steve Gardiner

This webinar is based on the Change Acceleration Program piloted by Dave Ulrich, considered by Business Week to be the country’s best executive educator and the 8 Steps of Change from Harvard’s change expert, John Kotter.

These time-tested models increase the likelihood that individuals and organizations achieve their change initiative objectives. Without such processes in place, over 85% of business change initiatives fail to hit their goals.

Wednesday, 03/25

Maintenance Sales: Effective Prospecting
Facilitated by Nicole Bass

Arguably the most important commonality amongst successful maintenance sales reps is activity – the number of people you meet with each week. Since we only secure a fraction of appointments to those we cold call, it’s important to have a large prospect list.

In this session, we will look in depth at the various outlets for finding quality prospects, as well as how to approach them once identified, and how to keep organized when communicating with hundreds.

Friday, 03/27

Maintenance Sales: Why Use Cost of Ops
Facilitated by Steve Brad Jovaag

ASHRAE’s Life Cycle Cost analysis is the foundation of SPGroup’s maintenance sales strategy. Understanding the “why” is critical to sales success.  This webinar explains why the strategy is recommended for prospective customers and how it increases the probability of success.

Monday, 03/30

Emotional Intelligence for Success
Facilitated by Lisa Austin

Emotional Intelligence, also known as emotional quotient or EQ, is defined as one’s ability to recognize and understand emotions in one’s self and in others. It is the ability to use this awareness to manage emotions to succeed personally and professionally.

EQ is a flexible skill that can be learned, developed, and improved. It is responsible for almost 60% of performance in all types of job skills including relationship building, decision making, communication and leadership. Join us to learn important strategies to improve this crucial foundation for professional success.

Wednesday, 04/01

Project Sales: The Toolbox
Facilitated by Brad Jovaag

This webinar will introduce two project sales tools, the prospect profile and project timeline. Both sales tools are designed to improve customer communications while assisting project sales professionals with qualifying and planning new project opportunities.

Friday, 04/03

Project Sales: Financing Capital Projects
Facilitated by David Clamage 

With intense competition for capital dollars, many customers discover financing as a viable alternative. This webinar will introduce basic financing solutions customized for a variety of vertical markets including commercial, healthcare, 501(c)(3) not for profits, and energy saving initiatives.

Monday, 04/06

Adaptive Leadership
Facilitated by Steve Gardiner

This webinar focuses on the importance of being flexible with your leadership style. The last thing you want  is to be accused of being a micro manager, or the opposite, being an "under-leader"-  someone who does not provide the needed coaching and support a teammate requires. Join us to gain fundamental skills that will ensure you match your leadership style to the needs of your team.

Wednesday, 04/08

Maintenance Sales: Action Plans
Facilitated by Brad Jovaag

The Action Plan has proven to be one of the most valuable tools for improving maintenance sales close rates. This webinar will present proven strategies for presenting the Action Plan including recommendations on how to customize for different personality styles.

Friday, 04/10

Email Campaigns: Cold Calling without a Phone
Facilitated by Nicole Bass

There’s no wrong way to get in the right door. In this session, we’ll review proven and modern email campaign strategies to secure appointments without ever picking up the phone, or in the event you just can’t get the prospect on the line. If what you’re currently doing isn’t working as well as you’d like, you won’t want to miss this.

Monday, 04/13

Maintaining Resilience While Managing Multiple Priorities
Facilitated by Steve Gardiner

This energetic webinar will address critical productivity questions such as: How do you keep your cool and remain productive while juggling many assignments? How do you bounce back after a difficult conversation or a disappointing meeting? How do you not end the day, week, or month mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted?

Wednesday, 04/15

Win-Win Problem Solving: Positive Negotiations
Facilitated by Steve Gardiner

Leaders are increasingly frustrated about how much time they have to spend resolving disagreements or conflicts between individuals, departments, or with other organizations. This webinar provides time tested problem solving techniques to constructively deal with differences of opinion and reach a consensus.

Friday, 04/17

Customer Service: Loyalty vs. Satisfaction
Facilitated by Lisa Austin

Did you know the cost of getting a new customer is 5X more than keeping an existing one? Additionally, 57% of customers say that "service" is the number 1 driver of loyalty.

In this workshop, we'll teach your team how to create loyalty with your internal and external customers. Training your staff to create an army of loyal customers will add value to your bottom line. Everyone in your organization can choose to make a difference!

Monday, 04/20

Professional Email Writing 101
Facilitated by Nicole Bass

Through written mediums like email and text, a lot can get lost in translation, causing unintended harm which could have otherwise been avoided. In this session, we’ll review the basics of professional email writing to include email structure, tone and basic grammar as well as professional best practices.

Wednesday, 04/22

Sustaining High Performance Teams
Facilitated by Steve Gardiner

This webinar will introduce tools, techniques and strategies that can be used to transform any group into a High-Performance Team.  Years of research confirm that High Performing Teams agree on four critical areas: Goals, Roles, Practices and Relationships.  The program will include a method of measuring current team effectiveness and how to implement improvements.

Friday, 04/24

Project Sales: Capital Dollar Decisions
Facilitated by Brad Jovaag

For most customers, the decision to fund elective capital projects is based on a favorable return on investment analysis. This webinar will review how projects are evaluated and compared including simple payback, ROI, net present value and internal rate of return.

Monday, 04/27

Maintain a Leadership Presence
Facilitated by Steve Gardiner

Leadership Presence refers to how you are perceived and accepted by others. It’s about positive energy, being genuine and sending the signals you want to send.  Participants will learn the skills necessary to enhance their individual presence by authentically engaging all those in the room, the meeting or on the team.

Friday, 04/29

Maintenance Sales: Cost of Ops, Advanced
Facilitated by Nicole Bass & Steve O'Donnell

SPGroup members now benefit from the use of the Service Agreement Financial Analysis report produced out of Connect Software. In this session, we will walk through how to build the financial analysis and how to present the report to customers.

Connect subscribers are strongly encouraged to attend, as this report can be embedded into your Service Agreement Proposal document.